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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Maggie, age 29, stands dozing over Eagle, age 25, while they take their morning nap in the sun 🙂

Maggie & Eagle 4-28-10

FHF Natural Products Promotion

Remember that you have until Friday April 30 to place an order for FHF's all natural Coat Spray and receive a sample of the newly formulated Fly Spray!  Soon their will be an on-line store as part of the website, but for now, please email with any orders and questions.

Ferrell Hollow Farm’s Natural Horse Care line was developed out of a need for non-chemical products that actually worked.  All formulas are developed and tested by Cindy Daigre on the senior horses at our retirement farm.

Natural Coat Spray is a great way to brush off sweat and grime, condition the coat, soften dry manes and tails, soothe itchy skin and insect bites and leave them with a beautiful shine—and it smells WONDERFUL! It also works well on dogs-use it in between bath time to remove that doggy smell!

Pure Essential Oils of Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree and Peppermint are blended in a base of Witch Hazel and Sweet Almond Oil.


FHF in the news

The Cannon Wire is THE on line newspaper for Cannon county, TN.  They just ran a feature story on Ferrell Hollow Farm!

Can you spot my two little garden helpers? They have worked very hard this morning 🙂
Cats 4-19-10

Ferrell Hollow Farm's all Natural Product line: Fly Spray, Coat Conditioning Spray, Thrush & Fungus Spray, Colloidal Silver Wound Spray, Flea & Tick Spray and an Insect Repellent for people!
FHF Products 2010

For 2010, I have re-formulated my Natural Thrush & Fungus Spray to include Colloidal Silver for it's amazing healing properties!

Happy Birthday Willie!

We have a milestone birthday at Ferrell Hollow Farm today!  Willie turns 30!  He is currently our oldest resident with several others not far behind him in age.

Willie came to me 5 1/2 years ago from New York.  He spent most of his life in New York, and a few years in Massachusetts where his owner currently lives.  Winters were harsh there and his arthritis was becoming problematic, so he was sent to retire at FHF before attempting to endure another harsh NY winter.

Willie has blossomed and thrived here.  He has been the poster boy for "Oh he's how old, I don't believe it, he looks so good!"  It wasn't until this past fall that he began to have some health issues other than arthritis.  Now that spring is here, he is very happy to have grass to nibble on.

Happy Birthday Willie and we hope that you have many more!

Willie 4-11-10 Willie apple 4-11-10

Pookey is mommy's little garden helper 🙂
Pookey 4-10-10

I have been sprinkling Diatomaceous Earth on the poop piles in front of the run in sheds to kill any flies or knats that make their way on the piles. I am hoping this is going to reduce our fly population this year!

Francis has become very shiny–I wonder if it is the Spring Herbal blend in his breakfast or the Coat Spray during grooming sessions that is contributing? Maybe both 🙂