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Fly Balm Sale!

For a limited time when you purchase 1 Natural Fly Balm from our webstore, you will receive a second one for 50% off!  This balm is great for keeping flies off of sensitive areas like noses, belly, and wounds.  Hurry this offer is only good thru Sunday August 1.

Fly Balm

FHF Herb Gardens: The herbs are doing very well this year despite the whacky weather. The basil plants are huge bushes and the mint is mounding and spreading. Others include chives, pennyroyal, fennel, parsley, thyme, rosemary and of course lavender and yarrow!

Mint & Basil 7-29-10

Ferrell Hollow Farm makes a Natural Insect Repellent for people that uses only high quality pure ingredients. Oils are chosen for their ability to fight off the skeeters, no see ums, and other annoying biting insects.

Insect Repellent 6-26-10

I caught a rainbow over Haley this morning 🙂

Haley rainbow 7-27-10

I caught this little dung beetle rolling a ball of poop up hill into a wooded area. Did you know they roll with their hind legs can push up to 50 times their weight? Totally fascinating!

Dung Beetle 7-22-10

Summer Herbal Blend for Horses

 Summer Herbal Blend

Ferrell Hollow Farm has chosen four wonderful herbs to blend together for its Summer Herbal Blend.  Not only is it very beneficial for the skin and digestive system, it is beautiful, aromatic and the horses love it!

Calendula is a beautiful golden orange flower that is widely used for all types of skin conditions.  It also contains anti-inflammatory, blood cleansing and antifungal properties.

Cleavers is often found growing in hedgerows and fields.  It is rich in silica and will help the coat and skin.  It is very useful for supporting the lymphatic system.  It will also help minimize fluid retention and soft swellings.

Eyebright is an astringent and anti-inflammatory herb.  It is excellent for any conditions of the eyes.

Peppermint has a wonderful aroma and is beneficial to the digestive system for use in ulcers, colic or gas.

Summer Herbal Blend can be purchased here:


Summer Blend photo

Laminitic Feet

It seems like Laminitis has been in the forefront of my mind for months now.  Not just with one horse, but with 3 horses.  And now that I think about it, their feet issues are mechanical in nature.  By that I mean that due to unequal weight distribution or usage, more pressure is being applied to one foot over another.  Making it even more difficult to work on–these are hind feet on BIG horses!

Haley: Haley's most challenging hoof is his right hind.  That is because he leans to the right and puts a lot of his 1,400 pound body on that foot.  The end result is chronic laminitis.  He is just now recovering from a long, 3 week bout of laminitis and doing much better.  But this is how that foot looks right now.  What will happen to it?  We don't know, but can only guess that the fragile part that supports the weight will chip off.  Then what?  I just don't even think about that.

Haley RH 7-11-10

Francis: Francis is having re-current issues with his left hind foot.  Due to massive scar tissue on his right hind tendon, he often has difficulty stretching that leg enough to walk with the heel down.  So how does that affect the left hind foot?  That toe is growing out and splitting off as he is using it.  Not only that, but the top layer of the hoof wall is peeling off.  The rest of this chip and cracked portion will probably come off, leaving him with a short toe.  This photo is after I have done my best with it until our trimmer comes to work her magic.  It's only been 2.5 weeks since his last trim!

Francis LH 7-21-10

Eagle:  He has issues with all of his feet, but the most notable issue is his right hind foot.  A year ago, before he came to me, he had a nasty leg injury and hoof abscess.  I can't help but think that this has contributed to the way that hoof grows and weighting it abnormally.  He is sore on it today, possibly laminitis.  This photo is before a very much needed trim.

Eagle RH 4-10-10

Recovering from Laminitis

Laminitis is a scary and stressful event for both the horse and owner.  Haley has had recurring bouts for a year and a half now and we have just come "on the other side" of one now.  I manage him naturally with ice, herbs, homeopathic remedies and of course love.  I am pleased to say his improvement has been significant enough to go from 6 feedings/care sessions to 3 and today has been the first day in awhile he has not required ice!  You can read more about how I manage him in the article entitled "Treating Laminitis the Natural Way" in the July/August issue of Natural Horse Magazine.

Haley 7-18-10

Do You Have Support Systems in Place?

After Haley had the traditional medications for EPM and was still very sick, I found a support group for others who had also gone thru similar experiences with their horses.  We were all seeking safer alternatives for our EPM horses and Colloidal Silver seemed to be the answer.  Fast forward a year from that time and I was seeking an animal communicator for one of my horses.  A good friend recommended Barbara Janelle.  I was impressed with her work and shared my experience with the women in the EPM support group.  After learning that Barbara would be coming to Nashville, TN for an annual Animal Communication workshop, we decided it would be a neat idea to use that experience to meet in person.

The experience with Barbara and the other workshop attendees on Friday was pretty amazing.  I found myself relaxed and at ease with a room full of women I had never personally met.  I was also receptive to staying open and to sharing.  In actuality I had not felt that good in a long time.  Barbara spoke of how important it is to be aware and to focusing on being in the present moment with our animals. 

I had invited the ladies to my home for lunch on Saturday since they had either driven or flown in from other areas and were making a weekend out of the trip to Nashville.  I prepared a vegan lunch and I believe that it was a success ;)  They were all anxious to meet Haley since they knew so much about him from my involvement in the support group.  He was very open to meeting them and greeted each one of them.  They also met and heard my stories about all of the other horses on the farm.  At one point one of them said "Cindy-is there anything you don't love about these horses!?!"  It was at that moment that I realized that whenever I was speaking about one of them, whether it was a personal horse or a boarded horse, I spoke about how much I loved them and how special they were 🙂

Horses 8-5-09 (2)

Horses Love FHF’s Natural Coat Spray!

This afternoon, at one of his many care checks, Haley moved off of his padded wall and I noticed that he was sweaty on the right hip area.  I decided to get the Natural Coat Spray from the cabinet and spray the sweaty area.  He turned and leaned back on his wall and since it was such a hot day I sprayed some more.  He turned and looked at the bottle as if to say–"hey ma–whatcha got there?"  I sprayed some on my hand and he proceeded to lick and lick and lick it off of my hand.  He then started to eat some hay while I finished spraying him with the Coat Spray.  He looked at me again and I asked him if he wanted another lick.  I sprayed more in the palm of my hand and again he licked and licked it off.  I told him what a silly boy he was 🙂

The chosen essential oils work together to provide a soothing and pleasing aroma, not to mention the benefits they have on the skin and coat.

Coat Spray 6-25-10