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Herbs for Horses Article

I am excited to share with you an article I've written for Natural Horse Magazine entitled: "Herbs for Horses, A Personal Perspective" released in the September/October 2010 issue!

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Lavender 6-13-10

Ferrell Hollow Farm's Sampler Set includes a few of it's popular products like both Fly Spray formulas, Fly Balm and Coat Spray. Made from all natural, cruelty free ingredients!


Natural Thrush Spray

We have finally gotten some much needed rain and the ground is reminiscent of the fall with soft and muddy spots.  Lowered humidity makes treating the horses feet much more tolerable.  I try to stay diligent about keeping all of the horses feet in good shape with frequent trims, cleaning, and treatments as needed.  It is no easy task as these are seniors I am speaking of (25+) with varying degrees of arthritis and feet issues.  When I see the least bit of thrush in a hoof for whatever reason, I reach for the Natural Thrush Spray I formulated.  Why is it different?  It's the addition of Colloidal Silver.  With it's germ killing action and ability to promote the healing of tissues, it makes a wonderful topical healing agent for cuts, scrapes, abscesses or any other type of wound or infection. Blended with tea tree oil and raw apple cider vinegar, it makes an effective spray for treating thrush.  Spray it on after cleaning or use it as a soak for stronger action.

You can find the Thrush Spray along with all of the other naturally formulated products made by Ferrell Hollow Farm at

Mary & Francis 8-18-10

Price reduction on Fly Balm and Coat Spray–all natural products made by Ferrell Hollow Farm!

Ferrell Hollow Farm's Sampler Set includes sample sizes of Fly Spray #1, Mosquito Spray, Coat Spray and a full size Fly Balm! So you can decide which ones work best for your horse. and click the Store page for the products.

Coat Spray SALE!

It is HOT everywhere and the horses are feeling the effects.  The first thing I reach for to help them is Ferrell Hollow Farm's all natural Coat Spray.  It includes oils of Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree and Peppermint with sprigs of fresh herbs from the garden.

Here are some good ways of using it:

  • Spray the horses chest and under the tail for a cooling effect
  • Spray fly boots before putting them on to help combat the sweaty grime
  • After cold hosing mist the spray all over for a longer lasting cool down
  • Spray on a brush to groom an itchy face
  • Inhale it's aroma and breathe deeply 🙂

The Coat Spray has been placed on sale for this weekend only–Friday August 13 thru Sunday August 15!

Lavender 6-13-10


Haley was that once in a lifetime horse for me–the one you dream of coming into your life–he was extraordinary and will continue to inspire me.

"Gone yet not forgotten, although we are apart, your spirit will live forever, always in my heart"

C & H 2 4-6-10

My Miracle Horse

Haley will always be my miracle horse–the one that defied all odds and baffled every veterinarian and equine professional that knew him.  He taught me many great lessons.  It is with great sadness that this morning he succumbed to a long and complicated illness.  He will always be a part of me and who I am and carry that special place in my heart.  I will be forever grateful to his long time, devoted companion, Tess, who will also miss him greatly.

Haley & Cindy 4-6-10

Colloidal Silver Products

Colloidal Silver (CS) is considered a homeopathic remedy and makes a wonderful topical healing agent for cuts, scrapes, abrasions, abscesses, greasy heels or any other type of wound.

Ferrell Hollow Farm has created a gel product made from colloidal silver and aloe vera.  One of my horses has heavy feathering on his fetlocks and one of the hind legs is white.  He tends to get scratches there and I have to practically get on the ground, part back the feathered hair and find the spot that needs to be treated.  While the CS wound spray has worked very well clearing it up, it was not easy to use a spray bottle at that angle.  The CS Gel is so easy to apply in that tricky area!

The Colloidal Silver products that FHF has to offer are:

32 oz bottle, 8 oz wound spray, 4 oz gel, set of wound spray and gel

CS Set

FHF July photos at: