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Equine Nutritional Consultations

This morning I met a new consult client with an older, thin Cushing's mare and a middle aged overweight gelding.  Super nice folks who admittedly told me up front that they really don't know much about horse keeping, and were relying on their vet for advice.  Usually when Dr. Williams has a client with an older horse that needs some nutritional advice, he tells them to call me :)  We all just love him!

Having horses at opposite ends of the spectrum to care for, while being pasture-mates, can present unique challenges.  The mare will need to be separated for her feedings so the "all too eager to eat anything" gelding won't keep her from it.  The owners were ready to build a make shift stall right away!

I really love helping people help their horses–ones such as this are a joy to work with as they recognize changes need to be made and are willing to be educated and follow thru–all in the best interest of the horses! :) 

Cindy Daigre is the founder and director of Ferrell Hollow Farm, an Equine Retirement facility in Tennessee focusing on the unique concerns of Senior and Special Needs horses. In addition, she provides Equine Nutritional Consultations and has developed a specialized line of Natural Horse Care Products.  For more information, visit her website at or email her at

Dry Fall Weather and Feeding Horses

It is very dry here in Middle Tennessee.  Any scattered showers that may have come, have certainly missed my farm.  While the leaves are changing and the temperatures have cooled, the pastures have suffered.  We have in essence, "run out" of grass 6 weeks too early.  So what are we to do? 

Feed More Forage!  Which really means buy more forage products for the horses.  Hay Bales, Hay Cubes, Hay Pellets and Chopped Bagged Forages are all acceptable choices.  While the long stem of baled hay is preferable, for variety and those who are dentally challenged, soaked meals which include hay cubes are an alternative.

This is Francis and Mary waiting for lunch today  :)  Notice that their paddock is dry–there is absolutely nothing for them to even pick at anymore!  They are fed 3 x per day-lots of grass hay in small mesh hay nets to slow their consumption.  However they are such proficient eaters, they can woof down a bag in no time it seems.  I hang bags in their shelter and also under the trees where there is pea gravel footing.  They never leave a crumb.  Their bucket meals consist of chopped grass forage with added herbs and seeds, which they love!

Visit for more information on how I care for the senior retirees at Ferrell Hollow Farm.

Francis & Mary 10-19-10 

Helping TN Horses in Need!

Ferrell Hollow Farm is proud to be involved and a sponsor of

“The REIN Event”!

The mission of REIN (Reaching Equines In Need) is to provide short term assistance to horse owners in times of need.  Be it natural disaster or personal crisis, our beloved equine companions are sometimes the unfortunate victims.  REIN is comprised of horse owners from a variety of disciplines, united to protect horses in the state of Tennessee.

REIN’s first fundraiser, “The REIN Event” is set to coincide with the first anniversary of Tennessee’s largest horse cruelty seizure.  While it was unfortunate that 84 horses were found to be in such horrific conditions, it was the catalyst in forming an equine assistance group that is now REIN.

“The REIN Event” is being held at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN on Saturday November 20, 2010.  The event includes clinics by several area equestrian professionals, an exhibitor and sales area, tack consignment sale, silent auction, food, games, and an evening concert.

Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased at or at the event.

Even if you are unable to attend this event, please consider purchasing tickets as a donation.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this event, please contact me at

Ferrell Hollow Farm’s Seed Mix for Horses

Ferrell Hollow Farm’s Seed Mix for Vitamin and Mineral Needs!

There are many vitamin/mineral supplements and grass balancers on the market today.  Horses on grass restriction, whether it is due to dry lot, diet paddock or desert climate may need to have additional vitamins and minerals added to round out their diet.  Vitamin E is lost thru the hay drying and baling process.  Some horses detest the taste of added minerals to their feed.  Many nutrients are lost or diminished when foods are cooked or processed. 

Only raw, organic seeds are chosen to maximize the amounts of nutrients. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, they are designed to supplement what is often lacking in a horse’s diet, the natural way!  These seeds boast good amounts of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper and zinc, as well as Vitamins B and E.  They also contain adequate amounts of protein, fiber and amino acids.   Another added benefit is that the amino acid cucurbitin has been shown to be effective in eliminating worms.

Copper and Zinc are considered to be critical trace minerals to a horse’s health.  According to the National Research Council’s recommendations for equine nutrition, the optimum copper to zinc ratio is 1:4, meaning that the amount of zinc should be present in the horses diet four times more than the amount of copper.  Ferrell Hollow Farm can proudly say that the laboratory analysis on their Organic Raw Seed Mix has a copper to zinc ratio of 1:3.85.

The suggested daily feeding of ¼ cup will supply 15 grams of protein.  These seeds are high in Omega oil content which resists going rancid.  Equally as important as the health benefits, the horses love having seeds mixed into their meals!

Seed Mix  1 month supply  $29.00  Contact: 


FHF September Slideshow

Ferrell Hollow Farm's September 2010 Slideshow–Enjoy!

*Ferrell Hollow Farm releases NEW Body Care Products!

Ferrell Hollow Farm is excited to release an all NEW natural body care product for people: Lavender Body Scrub!


The response to Ferrell Hollow Farm’s current horse product line has been very well received, and so it is only natural that their care-takers should be pampered by these exclusive herbal products as well. Cindy Daigre, owner of Ferrell Hollow Farm’s Equine Senior Retirement Farm, is continually inspired by the beauty of the gardens she lovingly cares for and regularly creates unique herbal blends based on the plants surrounding her home. As with all of our products, only cruelty-free ingredients are used.


Cindy’s latest creation, the Lavender Body Scrub, has been used with extremely positive feedback from a number of people, including those with sensitive skin conditions. The product’s sea salt has detoxifying and muscle relaxing properties, while lavender reduces stress and uplifts the mood.


Lavender Body Scrub 8 oz jar $12.50

Sea Salt, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Lavender Oil


Body Scrub



Cindy Daigre 615-409-6071