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Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

Ferrell Hollow Farm is excited to offer Gift Baskets for Mother’s Day!

Gift baskets filled with Ferrell Hollow Farm’s all natural body care products with a wide variety of items and prices to choose from!

  •  Cream Set: one Lavender Cream and one Vanilla Cream
  • Lavender Set: one Lavender Body Scrub and one Lavender Cream
  • Scrub Set: One Lavender Body Scrub and one Peppermint Foot Scrub
  • Chocolate Vanilla Set: One Chocolate Sugar Scrub and one Vanilla Cream

All sets include gift wrapping and come ready to give!  Order by Sunday May 1 to ensure timely delivery!

 For an extra special touch, add our Lavender Notecard to your order!

Lavender 5-24-10 

Cindy Daigre, owner of Ferrell Hollow Farm’s Equine Senior Retirement Farm, is continually inspired by the beauty of the gardens she lovingly cares for and regularly creates unique herbal blends based on the plants surrounding her home. As with all of our products, only cruelty-free ingredients are used.


Spring Fly Season

In Tennessee, the fly season begins with the pesky biting knats that swarm the horses faces and bite them in the ears :(  My approach to combatting these critters is two-fold.  In the morning at breakfast feeding, I put on a fly mask with ears so they have protection thru out the day.  Then at the evening feeding, the masks come off and Ferrell Hollow Farm's Natural Fly Balm is put in their ears.  So when the knats get a whiff of the essential oils in this creamy balm, they leave the horses ears alone!


“I have to say that I am A-MAZED by this fly balm!  I already use Ferrell Hollow Farm's wonderful fly spray, which works great, but the horses' more sensitive areas were still posing a problem.  The nose area, uncovered by their fly masks, and the ears of my pony who refuses to wear a fly mask with ears, were covered with flies by afternoon and I felt terrible.  After one application of the Fly Balm I was SOLD!  Practically NO flies on those sensitive areas and the horses were so much happier.  It even smells good!” 
Elizabeth TeSelle
Hoofmaiden Performance Barefoot Hoof Care

Fly Balm 2011 

Ferrell Hollow Farm provides Equine Nutritional Consultations

Cindy Daigre has been providing nutritional and special needs consulting services for senior equine owners since 2000. She owns and operates Ferrell Hollow Farm, a specialized boarding facility for senior, retired horses located on 70 acres in the peaceful hills of Middle Tennessee.

Consultations focus on the unique nutritional challenges specific to each horse. Proper nutrition affects nearly every aspect of the horses’s quality of life and can differ greatly from horse to horse.

Nutritional consults are especially beneficial for those caring for horses that:

  • have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight
  • are dentally challenged
  • have Insulin Resistance or Cushing’s Disease
  • are prone to Laminitis
  • need a custom mineral mix formulated to balance their forage

Very specific information about your horse and his/her current nutritional program will be needed for an effective consultation. Once you sign up for a consult, Ferrell Hollow Farm will send you an intake form for you to provide the information needed to begin the initial consult.

Consults will take into account diet, lifestyle and special needs of the horse and will include specific recommendations for any appropriate vitamins, minerals and supplements.  Email Cindy Daigre at for more information or visit our website at

Francis 6-17-10 

Happy 31st Birthday Willie!

Willie was sent to me in 2004 by a wonderful woman residing in Massachusetts.  Willie had spent most of his life in New York and when it was time to retire him due to significant arthritis at age 24, she found Ferrell Hollow Farm.  Willie thrived for the first 5 years here, and did not start to develop further issues until two winters ago.  We have successfully pulled him thru a bad winter here and he is looking pretty darn good and feeling much better now that spring is here!!  Willie is definitely his own man and wants things done a certain way, and we love him for it :)  Here is to many more birthdays Willie!

Willie 4-11-11 

Cindy Daigre is the founder and director of Ferrell Hollow Farm, an Equine Retirement facility in Tennessee focusing on the unique concerns of Senior and Special Needs horses. In addition, she provides Equine Nutritional Consultations, has developed a specialized line of Natural Horse & Body Care Products, Herbal Blends, Seed Mixes and has written several articles for Natural Horse Magazine. For more information, visit her website at or email her at

Haley: part one

April 6: Sixteen years ago today, my life was forever changed.  Haley was born.  Eight months ago he died, and my life was forever changed again.  In honor of his birthday today, I will share with you the beginning of his story.

Haley: A Love Story

Chapter One

It was 1994 and I wanted to breed my TB mare, Turnip, for a young Dressage prospect.  After searching for just the right stallion, I found him.  Perrel was standing at stud at Warioto Farm in Franklin, TN.  A very large and handsome French Warmblood would be the perfect sire for my mare’s offspring.  So the process of breeding and subsequent pregnancy begins.

Eleven months later, I knew that my mare would be in labor soon.  She was showing signs, and she also wanted privacy.  I had borrowed a friend’s camper and had it parked outside of her foaling stall.  I spent three nights there, waiting for the baby to come.  She decided to have him at noon while I was at work.  When I got the call from the farm owner, I fled from my desk, and sped across town.  I got there right as he was born.

I had already decided to imprint the foal as it would strengthen the bond we would share.  I had arranged to take 2 weeks off from work to be with my mare and the new foal.  I named him Haley.  His official, registered name is Hilaire, which is French.

Haley was a sweet, loving and gregarious colt.   When he was 6 months old, I moved him and Turnip to a new boarding facility.  After settling in a month, it was time to wean them.  There was another colt his age and they became pasture play-mates thru the weaning transition, which went smoothly.

I noticed that he drug his hind feet when he walked.  Everyone shrugged it off as laziness.  Six months later I bought what is now known as Ferrell Hollow Farm and moved the horses to my new property.  Several months later, Haley had a fall in the pasture.  It was significant enough to warrant a vet visit.  Both horses tested positive on a blood test for Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM), but only Haley was showing neurological symptoms.  At that time, EPM was a relatively new disease and the vet wanted to put him on the standard medication to treat it.  When the EPM medication did not help, and a spinal tap was clean, we knew we were dealing with something else, but were unsure of what.  Thru vet referrals, I hauled him to the University of Tennessee’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Knoxville, a 3 hour trailer drive, twice, for diagnostics.  The result was Cervical Malarticulation (Wobbler’s syndrome) causing compression on the spinal cord.  Specialists at Ohio State University reviewed his cervical x-rays and myelogram and decided that Haley was not a candidate for surgery as he had 2, possibly 3 areas of compression, and he would not improve enough to warrant the expense and aftercare that surgery required.

Absolutely devastated at the news, I made the decision to take him home and love him as long as he lived.

Haley & C 95 

Cindy Daigre is the founder and director of Ferrell Hollow Farm, an Equine Retirement facility in Tennessee focusing on the unique concerns of Senior and Special Needs horses. In addition, she provides Equine Nutritional Consultations, has developed a specialized line of Natural Horse & Body Care Products, Herbal Blends, Seed Mixes and has written several articles for Natural Horse Magazine. For more information, visit her website at or email her at

Ferrell Hollow Farm’s Natural Fly Products

Back by popular demand, Ferrell Hollow Farm's all natural Fly Products are back on the website for sale!

Natural Fly Spray

This original formula contains natural apple cider vinegar, the raw form which still contains the pulpy residue that is shaken up before using.  It also contains garlic oil, made from garlic grown in FHF’s garden.  Other essential oils are also blended that have fly and mosquito repellent properties.  I have been told it smells a bit like salad dressing!  The reason that it works, is that it puts an invisible shield around the horses that the flies don't like! Contains Pure Essential Oils of Catnip, Peppermint and Lemon Eucalyptus with apple cider vinegar, Neem and Garlic Oil.

Natural Fly Balm

Essential oils of Catnip, Peppermint and Lemon Eucalyptus are blended into Shea and Mango Butter for a very nourishing product to protect sensitive areas like the face, nose and wounds from flies.  The container makes it easy to apply and is great for horses who don’t like to be sprayed!

Natural Mosquito Spray

Essential oils of Catnip and Neem are widely known for their ability to repel mosquitoes.  Peppermint and Rosemary are also added for their insect repellant qualities.  This potent spray is great for horses who are stabled near bodies of water where mosquitoes tend to breed.

Fly Spray