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Help Support Ferrell Hollow Farm’s Effort with Senior Horses!

Ferrell Hollow Farm has chosen over the years to adopt senior horses that might not otherwise have a chance for a happy retirement.  Currently we  have 4 retired Carriage horses (2 from NYC and 2 from Michigan) and 1 retired Jousting horse (from NY) that we lovingly adopted into our Retirement Program so they could have a comfortable forever home! All of these horses are aged, with the exception of Buddy, and they all have special needs requiring lots of care and attention, not only from myself, but other equine professionals (vets, dentist, trimmer) which adds to the cost of keeping them comfortable. And that is our goal: to do whatever we can to make sure they have a happy, healthy and comfortable retirement until the day they decide to leave this earth.  They are such a joy to care for and we hope they benefit from many, many years here under our loving care.

Not only does it take dedication, commitment, unconditional love, and energy to make this happen–it takes a great deal of money to provide them with the standard of care we wish them to have.  Here is a bit of information on just how much it costs to upkeep these 5 horses:

Feb 2012 Vet Bill  (Blood work and Fecals) $400

Dentist (once a year-March) $375

Barefoot Trimmer (monthly) $200

Supplement Costs (monthly) $550

Hay Cost (monthly in winter) $450

Feedstuff (monthly) $200

Of course there are other things such as supplies, and the cost varies for those each month, but you can see that it is not an inexpensive endeavor that we have chosen to undertake.

Please share and thank you for your support of our passion of caring for senior horses!

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For every $25 you contribute to Ferrell Hollow Farm, you will receive a high quality logo t-shirt!

Buddy 2-26-12(2)
Buddy: 11 y/o Percheron gelding, retired Carriage Horse-right hind leg-severe osteoarthritis

Sieg2 2-26-12(2)
Siegfried: 23 y/o Percheron gelding, retired Jousting Horse, ongoing Laminitic issues

Cindy Daigre is the founder and director of Ferrell Hollow Farm, an Equine Retirement facility in Tennessee focusing on the unique concerns of Senior and Special Needs horses. In addition, she provides Equine Nutritional Consultations, has developed a specialized line of Natural Body Care Products, Herbal Blends, Seed Mixes and has written several articles for Natural Horse Magazine.

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Rosehips: Rich in Vitamin C

 NEW Fact Sheet written by Cindy Daigre February 2012:

Rosehips: Natural source of Vitamin C

What are Rosehips:

Rose hips are the berry-like fruits of the rose bush left behind after the bloom has died.  Although nearly all rose bushes produce rose hips, the tastiest come from the Rugusa Rose.  Rose hips have a tangy, fruity flavor similar to that of cranberries and can be used fresh or dried.  The fruits begin to form in spring and are best harvested after the first frost, which makes them turn bright red and slightly soft.

Benefits of Rosehips:

Rosehips are one of the richest plant sources of Vitamin C, and with one to two percent by dry weight, rose hips have a higher Vitamin C content than citrus fruit! Rosehips also contain lycopene, (an antioxidant), Vitamin A, Essential Fatty Acids, and Biotin.  Bioflavonoids enhance vitamin C’s ability to strengthen blood vessels, and this encourages healthy hoof growth in horses. They are also beneficial for preventing illness or to restore the immune system after illness. Its natural antihistamine properties can also be useful for the allergy prone horse. 

Using Rosehips in Horses:

Rosehips are commonly used to make herbal teas, by boiling the dried or crushed rose hips for 10 minutes.  Use 2 tablespoons of berries per pint of water.  Always make sure to use rosehips that are clearly marked as being free from pesticides.  The tea can be poured over your horse’s meal once or twice daily.

As horses age, they are no longer able to manufacture vitamin C, so for senior horses, it is wise to supplement their vitamin C needs.  This can be done naturally with a daily dose of dried rosehips or tea in their meals!

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Cindy Daigre is the founder and director of Ferrell Hollow Farm, an Equine Retirement facility in Middle Tennessee focusing on the unique concerns of Senior and Special Needs horses. For more information on her equine business, including nutritional consultations and natural products, visit:

February 2012


Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day from Ferrell Hollow Farm!


Happy Birthday Siegfried!

Siegfried came to me in the Summer of 2011, however it was some months before when I first laid eyes on a photo of him, and an instant connection was made–I knew we were meant to be together!  I have had the pleasure of connecting with the important people from his past and am honored to be able to give him the retirement that he so deserves :) 

He is a strikingly handsome fella, reminescense of a fairy-tale horse with his large stature and long flowing mane.  Unassuming, yet completely adorable he is quite content with his current arrangement–after all–who wouldn't be–his every need is catered to with the utmost respect and love 🙂

Happy 23rd Birthday Siegfried and I hope that we share many, many more!!!

Sieg 2-10-12(2)

Siegfried gives BIG bear hugs 🙂

Sieg6 2-10-12(2)

Siegfried receives treats and kisses from Cindy


Siegfried spends his time living the life of luxury at his retirement farm in TN-Ferrell Hollow Farm–a specialized facility for senior and special needs horses!


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Valentine’s Day Body Products!

For the next two weeks, you can indulge your senses in all natural chocolate body products made by Ferrell Hollow Farm!

Chocolate Sugar Scrub and Cocoa Cream

 The response to Ferrell Hollow Farm’s current horse product line has been very well received, and so it is only natural that their care-takers should be pampered by these exclusive herbal products as well. Cindy Daigre, owner of Ferrell Hollow Farm’s Equine Senior Retirement Farm, is continually inspired by the beauty of the gardens she lovingly cares for and regularly creates unique herbal blends based on the plants surrounding her home. As with all of our products, only cruelty-free ingredients are used.

Decadent and almost edible, with a mouth watering rich and tempting aroma, the Chocolate Sugar Scrub will tantalize your senses! Cocoa Butter will melt on your skin, leaving you soft and smooth, while the organic sugar will exfoliate and leave your skin glowing with health! 

The Cocoa Cream is light and silky smooth and makes an excellent moisturizer for any part of the body.  The rich cocoa butter base imparts a rich chocolate scent.  Use alone or after showering with the Chocolate Sugar Scrub for a doubly decadent chocolate bathing experience!

Choc Scrub2 Cocoa Cream2

Proceeds from all products made by Ferrell Hollow Farm help support the senior and special needs horses we have adopted and brought into our Retirement Farm in TN!


Cindy Daigre