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FHF Senior Sanctuary Horse-Francis

Francis is a 29 y/o black Percheron who spent most of his working life as a NYC carriage horse.  He’s the smallest of our Percherons at 15.3 hands, and weighs 1,500 lbs.  When his carriage career ended, he was placed at Pets Alive, a no kill shelter in NY.  That is where I found him almost 3 years ago!

Francis is a very special needs horse.  He has an old deep digital flexor tendon injury in his right hind leg that has very thick scar tissue.  Therefore it is difficult for him to stretch that tendon and place that foot flat on the ground, so often he uses his tip toe.  This also makes it difficult to trim his opposite hind leg.  However his trimmer and I are able to work around his physical challenges and have improved his feet over the years.

Most recently, he has developed an issue with his right hip, and some days are a challenge for him to get around, while others are not.

Francis also has some vision impairments.  He has cataracts in both eyes, which have gotten worse over time.  He can still see, and is very familiar with his environment, but things such as carrying a bucket towards him, or a hose or cord can cause him to shy.

He also has some dental challenges, at times over producing salvia in his meals, making them a sloppy mess, and will quid hay occasionally.  He loves to have hay pellets placed in his treat toy/tub every day!

Francis’s diet is tailored to his specific needs and consists of a small amount of senior feed with a comprehensive joint supplement, flax based vitamins & minerals, probiotics, spirulina and at times prescription anti-inflammatory medication.

Francis is a happy horse, full of personality and life, and super sweet!

If you would like to contribute to the upkeep of Francis, we would appreciate a donation below. Our special needs sanctuary horses cost about $500/month each to care for.

Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary is a registered Non Profit Corporation, filing for 501c3 status, which allows for tax exempt donations.  Our mission is to advocate and care for special needs senior horses over the age of 20 in need of a sanctuary setting, that are not afforded adequate care and would be considered at risk of neglect or abuse, if left in their current situation.

Francis 7-17-12

Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary

Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary is a registered Non Profit corporation in the state of TN, currently filing for 501c3 status as a charitable organization.

Our mission is to advocate and care for senior horses over the age of 20 in need of a sanctuary setting, that are not afforded adequate care and would be considered at risk of neglect or abuse, if left in their current situation.


Ways to help FHF Senior Horse Sanctuary

Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary is now a registered Non Profit Corporation with the State of Tennessee!  We are currently filing for 501c3 tax exemption status.  Our mission is to dedicate permanent sanctuary care to senior horses with special needs that do not have resources available to them otherwise.  We are the voice for the underdog.  The special ones with health issues, mobility issues, chronic issues, and no longer sound or serviceable.  To us they have value, and are worthy of putting time, effort, caring and love into.  To give back to them what they have most likely always given to someone else.  We will be here for them until the end.

How can you help us help these sweet souls?

If you shop on-line, choose us as your cause:

If you purchase Triple Crown feeds or forages:

    Cut out the Proof of Purchase (POP’s) from all feed bags and send them to us so we can redeem them  and save on future feed purchases!

Purchase any of our hand made, all natural horse and body care products:

We will be sharing other ways you can help soon!  Of course let us know if you think of ways as well!

Visit our website for more information about us at:

Sieg & F 7-19-12




Special Needs Horses

The definition of a “special needs horse” may mean different things to different people.  I have made it my life’s work to help the ones I consider special needs & senior horses.  They are no longer sound for work, and have a number of issues or disorders that require careful monitoring and individualized care.  Just during my 4 hour morning feeding routine this morning this is what I observed in some our residents:

Willie-age 32, has some unusual swelling in his fetlocks

Maggie-age 31, has a wavy mouth and having more issues with getting down her soaked meals

Big Mack-age 27, has hives on one side of his body

Buddy-age 11, pastern dermatitis sores are open and bloody on all four feet

Siegfried-age 23, has a bounding pulse in the left front foot and is very foot sore

Mary-age 26, is lame in her cankerous foot

Francis-age 29, is lame and sore in his entire right hind leg and foot.

Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary is dedicated to providing individualized care to horses like these that need it.  We are a registered Non Profit Corporation with the State of Tennessee as of 7/20/12.  Visit our website for more information!  If you would like to make a donation, you may mark it as a gift thru paypal at

Sieg soak 7-25-12
Siegfried having his left front foot soaked this morning!

Ferrell Hollow Farm is going Non-Profit!

After much thought, research and consideration, we have decided it is our best interest to pursue a Non-Profit charitable status for Ferrell Hollow Farm!  We are very excited about this new direction for our senior horses.  We will still offer retirement boarding for special needs seniors who have an owner willing to support them, as well as offer permanent sanctuary for senior horses who do not have a special person to provide for their care. 

We have filed our Charter with the State of TN, and the rigorous process of completing mountains of paperwork has begun!  As part of this, we fully intend to become a 501c3 charitable organization where we can offer a tax benefit to all who support us in our cause by donating goods, services or money!  Keep us in your thoughts, and both I and the senior horses thank you!

B&M 7-2-12

Cindy Daigre


Goodbye to Striker

I am very sad to say that today we had to say good-bye to Striker ;( 

He came to Ferrell Hollow Farm last fall, after a significant stifle injury that left him unsound, but he was able to enjoy his time here, even with his leg issues. This week he sustained another injury to that stifle, from possibly slipping or getting up, and was not able to recover.

Striker was an adorable black and white spotted saddle horse who brought a smile to every one he met.  Always curious about everything, he loved to follow me around, sniff my pockets, and nudge me for one more face scratch. 

I will miss your sweet face!

Striker 5-21-12

Ferrell Hollow Farm is a unique retirement facility for special needs senior horses.