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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Farewell Francis

I can hardly believe that I am writing this. Francis has been in my heart for so long, I don’t remember life with out him around. He was a grand carriage horse, working in NYC for most of his life and I was so blessed to be able to care for him in his senior years. He was spoiled and he knew I would (and did) anything for him. He was always one of our more special needs horses, with feet and leg issues from years past.
Four months ago he started a downward spiral and we just could not get him well, despite our most valiant efforts. He was already so compromised, it was incredibly challenging to work on his back feet. There in lies the problem-I had my vet out this morning to take x-rays of his right hind foot, and my suspicions were confirmed. He had deep seated white line disease and rotation and infection in the coffin bone, which was very painful. His left hind leg had dropped due to bearing more weight than it should, and the suspensory ligament was damaged, resulting in that foot also breaking down. So we had to say good-bye and release him from the pain 🙁
Francis had a wonderful retirement at Ferrell Hollow Farm, he was such a sweet, special boy. Mary, Siegfried and I will miss you terribly, and already do.
If you would like to contribute to Francis’s final expenses, please use the Donate button on the website.