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Monthly Archives: December 2012

FHF Year in Review

2012 has brought both tears of joy and sorrow for us.
In June we lost Slim, July we lost Striker, and in October we lost Francis. Thru the grief and sadness, we were able to open our sanctuary to 3 more needy old souls this year: Shiloh, Snow White and Tom.
Thank you for your continued support of our sanctuary work for these senior horses. Please enjoy the Slideshow!
Cindy Daigre

Meet Tom!

Tom is a 28 y/o black Percheron gelding who was surrendered to Redemption Road Rescue in West TN when he and his mate were not being fed, got out of their pasture, and the mate was hit by a car and killed. Realizing that Tom was indeed a special needs senior, and not able to met his long term needs, sought out his forever home with Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary!
He is a hard keeper, quite thin and watching him eat his first senior feed meal reveals some dental issues.
Tom immediately sought out the big hay feeder and claimed it as his own! He had no interest in meeting Buddy or Big Mack, although Buddy was squealing and bucking with delight at a potential new friend!
From the first meetings, it does not appear that Tom cares about having new friends, only plenty of hay and regular meals!
Regular updates will be posted on our Facebook page, so stay tuned for Tom’s progress 🙂
For now Tom will need the following until a more thorough evaluation can be made:
Triple Crown Senior Feed
Ration Plus
Rice Bran oil
Ivermectin Wormer-2 tubes
Please consider a donation to help us get Tom on the path to health!