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Welcome the the sanctuary Liz!

Liz is an 18+ y/o grey roan Clydesdale draft mare who was a victim of the PMU industry.  Mares are kept pregnant year after year so their urine can be collected to make the hormone replacement therapy drug Premarin.  Liz has the number 51 branded on her left hip, which is how the PMU farm identified her. The foals they produce are considered a “by-product” of the industry and many end up at auctions and slaughter plants.  When the mares are no longer able to breed, they too often find themselves in this situation-old, unhandled, used up and unwanted, destined for slaughter.

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Liz has changed hands a few times over the past several years and needed a retirement setting where she can get medical, dental, and hoof care attention that she needs, as well as a nutritional plan to bring her back to good health.  She has had very little handling in her life and is scared of people.  She will need quite a bit of work teaching her to trust, but when we saw this gal a few days ago, we knew we needed to attempt to give her a chance!

We have been given the opportunity at a matching donation challenge!  If we can raise $500 in the next 10 days, a donor has agreed to match that!!!  That would be an amazing blessing to help us with Liz’s initial expenses as well as the ongoing expenses of running our retirement sanctuary for these special senior horses!

Donation Challenge

Links to educate yourself about the PMU Industry (there are more suitable synthetic options available!):

American Horse Defense Fund


Thank you!

Cindy Daigre, Founder