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Fly Balm now with Sunscreen

Just the simple change of one ingredient and now Ferrell Hollow Farm's NEW Fly Balm contains natural sunscreen agents!

It is made from pure essential oils that repel flies, blended in a base of moisturizing butters that also contain natural sunscreen agents and a plant wax to hold it all together.

If the flies are bothering your horse’s nose, ears or legs, this balm can be glided over those areas for lasting protection.  Those sensitive white noses can now be shielded from the sun's harmful rays. It is also great for any scrapes, wounds or belly sores that might attract flies.  In the evenings when the fly masks and boots come off, this is great to dab on legs and face for fly relief.  Perfect for the horse who hates to be sprayed! It comes in a convenient push up container and is small enough to carry in your pocket. 

Fly Balm 1

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