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Grooming Horses in Hot Weather

It has been very hot here, unusually so, seeming to make everything go slower and take longer.  If there is not a breeze, it is almost intolerable to be out working in the humidity.  It's tempting to cut corners or make an excuse to do something later.  But for me, I have a 7 day a week job, no matter what the season or weather.  It's just the kind of life I have chosen.  I have many responsibilities and as well as many animals depending on my care.

I realized tonight that it had been a couple of days since I had really groomed Francis and Mary.  Sure they have been getting twice a day care that includes feeding, hay, fly gear, fly spray, fly balm and a check over, but not the currying and doting that they have come to expect from their momma 😉

So despite the heat, I got out my favorite curry brush and Natural Coat Spray and went to work.  Francis hates to be sprayed–he tolerates it, but that's about all.  HOWEVER, when I use the Coat Spray on him, he never moves, never flinches and stays relaxed.  The ingredients are very soothing to the skin and to the senses.  Not to mention the dried white sweat marks brushed easily off of his black coat. He absolutely loved the attention and asked why had I taken a hiatus from his daily grooming.  Just been busy I said, but I'm here now–and he LOVED every minute of it!

Mary was next.  Anyone that knows Mary personally also knows that she loves to eat–her mouth rarely stops moving and she has a mild nervousness about her.  With her favorite orchard in the small mesh hay net in front of her to munch on, I started spraying the Coat Spray and using the curry.  She stopped eating, relaxed and actually started closing her eyes–for the entire grooming session! 

It really was a wonderful feeling to have that kind of communication with my horses–they knew I was there for them, to take care of their needs and I knew they appreciated it.  Such amazing creatures!

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