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Summer Herbs for Horses

Ferrell Hollow Farm has chosen four wonderful herbs to blend together for its Summer Herbal Blend.  Not only is it very beneficial for the skin and digestive system, it is beautiful and aromatic!


Summer Blend photo 

Calendula is a beautiful golden orange flower that is widely used for all types of skin conditions.  It also contains anti-inflammatory, blood cleansing and antifungal properties.

Cleavers is often found growing in hedgerows and fields.  It is rich in silica and will help the coat and skin.  It is very useful for supporting the lymphatic system.  It will also help minimize fluid retention and soft swellings.

Eyebright is an astringent and anti-inflammatory herb.  It is excellent for any conditions of the eyes.

Peppermint has a wonderful aroma and is beneficial to the digestive system for use in ulcers, colic or gas.

Summer Herbal Blend can be purchased here: