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Happy Anniversary Siegfried!

One year ago today a blessing in the form of a huge white horse was bestowed upon me 🙂  Siegfried the jousting horse, came to retire at Ferrell Hollow Farm!  I had taken one look at a photo of him (in his winter woolies and up for adoption) and knew that we were destined to be together. I can’t say enough good things about this magnificent horse.  He and I have developed a deep connection and bond from the beginning.  This past year has seen it’s challenges with my ACL reconstructive knee surgery and his mysterious health problems.  But today we are both better, stronger and doing well 🙂  He is one of my master teachers and there will be more lessons to come I am sure of it.  Here’s to many, many more days of being together big boy!

Sieg 2 7-18-11
Siegfried, age 22 in 2011 comes to retire at FHF.

Sieg head 7-14-11
That breathtaking look!

Sieg3 5-8-12
Almost a year later at age 23.

Sieg 6-25-12
Siegfried June 25, 2012

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