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Goodbye to Willie

Today we had to lay to rest our oldest and longest term resident Willie.  He was 32 years old and had been with us for 8 years!  Willie came to us from New York all those years ago when his arthritis was getting worse and the winters in NY were not kind.  He thrived here, having four seasons to enjoy, full turnout, being able to come and go as he pleased, using a run in shelter for his feeding and loafing needs.  He has had a loving owner for many, many years who never denied him anything he needed, including all these years of retirement.  He truly lived the high life for quite some time!

Things will definitely not be the same here without him, as he was always a constant, as horses have come in and passed on, Willie was always here.  His faithful companion, Maggie will miss him the most, as she has been his devoted follower for several years.  Run free my friend, in the green pastures where your troubles are behind you.  We will certainly miss you!!!

Please take a few moments to pay tribute by viewing the Slideshow of Willie and his friends.



6 Responses to Goodbye to Willie

  • Ellen McCutcheon says:

    Willie was one of the first ones I met after I met Cindy. It’s always an honor to me, to go to FHF and see Cindy, Alan, and their Beloved Beasties and Critters — and bury my senses in the warm necks and manes for that Most Wonderful Horse Smell.

    Willie, forget about that “resting in peace” BS. Go. Run. Trot freely, and then stop to eat the lush green grass that is there just for you and your friends. I hope that you remember to be there for a hello nicker when it’s my time to pass over.

  • Ellen says:

    It is always an honor to visit FHF and give the Beloved Beasties and Critters hugs and scritches — and lean into necks and manes and smell that Most Wonderful Horse Smell. Willie was one of the ones that I first met. I look forward to seeing everyone again, when it’s my time to cross over.

    Wille – forget about “resting in peace.” Go and run and eat the green grass of Heaven!

  • Karen Wilber says:

    If you will notice, almost every picture has my girl, Maggie, in it – that’s because she was never far from Willie and was devoted to him. We will miss you, Willie, Maggie and I. You were Maggie’s best friend and it will not be the same without you. I will miss giving you scratches and treats when I come to visit my girl. My deepest sympathy to Willie’s owner and to you, Cindy. I grieve with you.

  • joyce redcay says:

    Beautiful tribute to Willie, Cindy. Thanks for sharing. He had a wonderful life at FHF. What a handsome boy.

  • Dawn Roberts says:

    Run free Willie!! You were always the gentlemen and I am lucky to have gotten to know you. You will be missed!!! Hugs to his sweet girl Maggie and to you!!!! I know things will not be the same there without him.

  • Pam Moody says:

    My condolences to you and Willie Wonkas owner, he was my favorite, a real sweetheart & pleasure to be around. I know he will be missed.