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Arthur & Max-Rescued 7-19-14

When we became aware of these two horses plight for life and no one was stepping in for them, we had to try to save them.  Thanks to the amazing supporters we have, we were able to and they arrived mid day on July 19, 2014.  Their condition was SHOCKING!  Photos of them from presumably the week before showed thin, old work horses, but that was certainly not the case when they came to their forever home at our sanctuary!  They were skeletons, emaciated and weak.  Arthur was suffering from extreme exhaustion, so much so, all he could do was lay down, even though he was turned out in a big grassy pasture, he had no strength to eat.  He was fighting for his life!  No horse should ever have to endure whatever these sweet boys had gone thru.  Scars from years of hard service to man, passed around from dealer to auction to kill buyers. We don’t know their real story, only bits and pieces of what was told to us, true or not.  One thing was certain-we would do whatever was necessary to try to bring them back to health!

Cindy & ArthurMax

Arthur is a Belgian in his late twenties (we think) but his teeth are worn and he still needs to have a dental exam.  Initial vet exam revealed that he is indeed suffering from stress and some inflammation.  In the first two days, he would only take a nibble of food that was offered to him, so our priority has been finding something to tempt his appetite and offer him small meals frequently.  By day 3 he was able to eat 3 small meals and has started to graze and be more interested in his surroundings.  Arthur is a sweet boy, but it will take him some time to trust that he is indeed here forever and no more harm will ever come to him.

Max is a Percheron in his early twenties and he has terrible teeth that do interfere with his eating.  He has a good appetite and will at least try to eat what is offered.  His thin body is riddled with scars and he has some issues with his back end on the left side.  He is a very big boy (18.2 hands tall) and several hundred pounds underweight.  He has an upper respiratory infection and is being treated with antibiotics. Max is friendly, curious and likes attention.

Since their arrival, both boys have had their feet trimmed and seen the vet.  A dental exam will be soon.

Arthur and Max are required to stay in a Quarantine area for 30 days since they have been at auctions and have an unknown medical history-we maintain strict protocols to make sure we do not infect any other horse at the sanctuary.

We hope you will follow the boys progress-we try to update our supporters via Website, Email, Blog entries and Facebook posts.

Max & Arthur

Please continue to support our efforts with senior draft horses!  Here are some ways you can do that:

Donations-Recurring or Monthly donations are needed to provide all of the care they need-Feed, Hay, Supplements, Medications, Hoof Care, Vet and Dental work expenses add up!

Sponsorship-Sponsor one of the boys where your monthly contribution will help feed and care for them!

Donated Goods-check our website Wish List for needed supply items!

*Our sanctuary is closed to the public except for our Open House events*

* Persons interested in becoming a volunteer will need to send an email inquiry, be scA&M 7-23-14reened to see if you are a fit for our organization and are required to complete an application*

Thank you!

Cindy Daigre, Founder

Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary

5 Responses to Arthur & Max-Rescued 7-19-14

  • Colleen Dwyer says:

    We wish we could be more help to you in your wonderful efforts. Max and Arthur are extremely fortunate to be under your tender, loving care at Ferrell Hollow Farm.

  • diane deason says:

    The good Lord has given the supporters of Cindy and Ferrell Hollow Farm a new task. To help Arthur and Max. Cindy cannot do this alone even after the initial donations brought them here. I feel like we prayed and were answered and now its our turn to take up the task and continue to help Cindy with the cost of returning them to health. This is no small task and cannot be ignored. It will not be solved with a small one time donation. This is going to be ongoing for a long time. Please don’t let this need be forgotten…………sign up to be a monthly giver, and just mark it as one of your monthly bills, its easier that way. Thank you as the worlds best Supporters and keep “paying it forward”.

  • Brooke says:

    I first want to thank you Cindy for all that you do. I have always loved horses. I have never had the opportunity to own one myself….maybe someday. It was so sad to see the condition of these horses when you first posted their pictures. Made me cry that some human could treat something so beautiful so badly. I am glad that Arthur is eating and hopefully they both will gain some much needed weight. You are a hero to these horses. I know it must be hard work, but probably very rewarding to you. You took in a friends horse a few weeks ago, Sampson. I am so happy to see that he is adjusting so well. Lastly, I want to say that I think you will be truly blessed someday, somehow.

  • Linda Taschereau says:

    Thank you for all you do ! When I first saw Arthur on the ground ,, was very very worried ! You are Wonderful ! They are all Blessed to have you all !!!

  • Mike Morgan says:

    Dear Cindy ! Thank You for all of Your Love and Care for these Wonderful Horses because if not for YOU they wouldn’t have any chance of having peace and health in the life that is left for them ! YOU ARE MY HERO AND YOU ARE TO BE EMULATED !!! Mike