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Percherons Equine Retirement

Buddy & Slim the Percherons want to retire to FHF!

If you can find it in your heart and your budget, Buddy and Slim would like to retire to Ferrell Hollow Farm.  I have agreed to take them from their current owners, a carriage company in Michigan.  Buddy is 18.2 hands and breath-taking!  His driving days have been ended due to osteoarthritis in the hock :(  Slim is an older gentleman who has slowed down enough to be retired.  It will cost $1,870 to get them to Ferrell Hollow Farm's retirement facility.  There will be additional expenses of vet, dentist and trimmings after that.  Please help if you can, and please share!  Thank you!  Cindy Daigre Ferrell Hollow Farm

I have created a Chip In account for donations.