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Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse & Cat Sanctuary is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization, which allows for tax exempt donations.  Our mission is to advocate and care for special needs senior horses and senior cats in need of a sanctuary setting, that are not afforded adequate care and would be considered at risk of neglect or abuse, if left in their current situation.



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Henry is a 17.2 hand Belgian draft horse. He is estimated to be 39 years old.  We rescued him directly from New Holland auction in PA where he had sold to a kill buyer and was going to be shipped to slaughter had we not intervened.  He arrived to our sanctuary May 1, 2013.  Henry arrived in a poor state-very thin and covered in filth.  His feet had not been trimmed and his teeth are short and worn to the gumline.  He requires a specialized diet due to his dental issues.  He was worked very hard for many years as evidenced by many permanent scars on his shoulders and legs. Henry has a condition called CPL which affects the lymphatic system in his legs.  He has rolls of skin on the fetlock areas which become very itchy and he requires special management for this. Henry is a very personable and loving horse!

Thank you Sue R. & Robin B.  for your monthly Sponsorship towards Henry's care!

Current sponsors cover $150 out of his $600/month care costs.



Henry Video:

Scratching in the Trees


Henry on day of arrival May 1, 2013.  Yellow tags on his hips indicate he was sold for slaughter at auction!

HenryHenry on ArrivalHenry on Arrival


Henry arrived very thin and his belly and legs were covered in feces he had to lay in.  The first thing we did was to give him a bath!

Henry, one week later on 5-8-2013














 Henry 5-23-2013























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