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Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse & Cat Sanctuary is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization, which allows for tax exempt donations.  Our mission is to advocate and care for special needs senior horses and senior cats in need of a sanctuary setting, that are not afforded adequate care and would be considered at risk of neglect or abuse, if left in their current situation.



We would like to thank The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee for supporting our Mission to expand safe housing to Senior Cats in 2017!  This grant was made possible by Patricia & Edward J. McGavock Humane Treatment of Animals Fund and the St. Francis Fund for Animals.


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Rescued from our local animal shelter-he was an owner surrender when his elderly owner died and he was put on "death row" for hissing at staff! He is a 10 year old blue bi color Ragdoll and weighs 20 pounds. He is front declawed and has been transitioned in with Angel and Milo! Percy is a total Momma's Boy!


Angel is a 15 year old mitted seal point Ragdoll who arrived with Mitch and Missy Feb. 2017. She and Mitch were used in a breeding program and when the owner moved, turned them out to live in a barn. She is a dainty old gal weighing under 7 pounds upon arrival. She was treated for fleas and a mild respiratory infection. She has cataracts and has not been spayed. She loves to use her scratchers, play with catnip toys, eat and take long naps!

Affectionately called "Grandma" as she is just that to Milo :)



Bob is a 14 year old Norweigan Forest Cat who was surrendered by owners to a local shelter where we pulled him from. He is a big boy with gorgeous green eyes. He was up to date on all shots, is front declawed and microchipped.  At the shelter he was not the most outgoing or friendly cat and fairly difficult to deal with. After bringing him into our sanctuary, he setteld immediately and is very friendly, outgoing, mischievious and loves to be petted and get lap time!


Lefty is a 13 year old Maine Coon cross originally from Japan. Her owner found her as a stray who was being bullied by other cats. He brought her back to the US and took good care of her but family members developed severe allergies to her dander and despite best efforts, needed to find her another home. She has a condition called Feline Stomatitis which causes inflammation to her gums and will cause her to become too painful to eat. Upon arrival she was very thin and needed to be on medication for the condition. It took about a week for her to settle in and start eating better and she was placed in a room with Bob and they get along well! She is a sweet girl and loves to curl up in your lap! She had oral surgery in September 2017 where 8 broken and loose teeth were extracted, and a second surgery in Dec. 2017 to remove the remainder of her teeth. She is currently doing well.


Born April 27, 2017 to Missy and Mitch!

 Milo Video 2 Weeks Old

4 Weeks Old

Grandma Angel & Milo at 4 months

 The following 5 senior cats were admitted on an emergency rescue situation on June 15th, 2007:

Simon, age 18 is a Maine Coon long haired fella, shaved before arriving due to severely matted hair. Joint issues, doesn't hear much, and has become very sweet and friendly!

Babette, age 15 Maine Coon cross, long haired, shaved before arriving due to severely matted hair. Timid but likes momma!

Oscar, age 15 Maine Coon cross, long haired, active for his age!

Chester, age 13, chocolate & white short haired, severe joint issues and overweight. Affectionate and loves to talk!

Mittens, age 13, black & white tuxedo short haired, eats pate food with her paw!

 Those five catsl have respiratory issues that are hard to clear up.


Chloe is a 14 year old front declawed black and white short haired female who arrived on July 12th, 2017. She was not adjusting well to her home environment and needed a very quiet place to spend her days. She is not too fond of other cats and likes to spend her time mostly up on the wall perches to herself. She has learned to live with other cats now and has a deep affection for her momma!


Baby Barney was found on the property in one of the horse's run in sheds one cold morning Dec. 2017. He was crying pitifully and had a horrible respiratory infection and was very dirty. He has spent the first months of his life here on antibiotics and receiving vet care and lots of TLC to get him healthy. He has received his first kitten shot and we are hoping he will be healthy enough to share his kitten antics with Milo soon! He is currently 5 months old.

We are a permanent sanctuary for senior cats, so our capacity is limited.

Owners wanting to surrender their senior cats to us will be given consideration based on the circumstances, our available space, and their ability to contribute to the cat's ongoing needs. Thank you!


We are an approved Rescue Partner with the following shelters:

Williamson County Animal Center

Rutherford County PAWS

Metro Nashville Animal Care & Control

Safe Coalition






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