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Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse & Cat Sanctuary is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization, which allows for tax exempt donations.  Our mission is to advocate and care for special needs senior horses and senior cats in need of a sanctuary setting, that are not afforded adequate care and would be considered at risk of neglect or abuse, if left in their current situation.

Big Mack

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Update 9/19/13: The final act of kindness that I can give to a senior horse in my care that is clearly suffering beyond repair is the act of letting go.  Letting them leave their broken down bodies, and soar to a place where there is no pain or suffering.  This is never an easy decision to make, but a final gift of compassion.

Big Mack took a turn for the worst this week and today we said good-bye to him on September 19, 2013.  He had a glorious retirement here, with all the love, friendship and care he would ever want.  He touched many people with his sweet disposition.

I won’t dwell on his past-how he was used, and abused, and used up some more, well past his prime by greedy human beings.  One day, when the pain is not so fresh, I can acknowledge to myself that I did indeed make a difference in his life.  He was a glorious soul, an angel, so humble and sweet.  He has absolutely been a master teacher to me and will continue to be an inspiration to help those who come here seeking sanctuary.

Please consider making a donation in Big Mack’s memory so we can continue to help these gentle giants, who are often cast away once their usefulness to humans is over.

My heart is broken and his best friend Buddy and I will miss him dearly.



Ferrell Hollow Farm welcomed Big Mack, a 18.2 hand grey Percheron gelding in June 2012 as a new companion for Buddy.  Big Mack is 28 years old and was rescued from an abusive & neglectful situation as a farm/work horse.  He has severe arthritis and he too, needed a companion.  He requires a daily joint supplement and daily medication for his arthritis.  Most recently, our vet gave him joint injections in both knees and left stifle.

He is a wonderful and sweet boy, who deserves a wonderful retirement!

Big Mack’s care costs $600/month



*Thank You to Kelly A. for your $75/month sponsorship of Big Mack!*





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