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Our Mission

Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse & Cat Sanctuary is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization, which allows for tax exempt donations.  Our mission is to advocate and care for special needs senior horses and senior cats in need of a sanctuary setting, that are not afforded adequate care and would be considered at risk of neglect or abuse, if left in their current situation.



What our Volunteers have to say!

"There are really multiple reasons why I make time to volunteer at Ferrell Hollow Farm..Every horse deserves love and attention and these horses even more so! They are ones from a forgotten time when people depended on their horses for travel and work.   Many horses have been overworked, abused and neglected then discarded because they no longer served a purpose or were injured. These senior horses need the care and compassion that Cindy provides and I get to share in a small part of that!"  Maureen "Moe" Wachoski

Henry Moe 11-30-13



Senior Horse Boarding

DawnDawn in May 2008 at 1,150 pounds when diagnosed as Insulin Resistant at age 25."Cindy Daigre is a professional, with extensive knowledge and compassion. DawnDawn in June 2010 at a healthy 950 pounds at age 27!My 27 year old mare Dawn has been under her care since February 2007.  Dawn is Insulin Resistant, with common senior horse issues, yet continues to thrive without the need for medication. 

She is treated as if she is the only horse at Ferrell Hollow Farm and is very happy.  I am most grateful that Dawn and I have crossed paths with Cindy and would highly recommend her services." Joan Margolies



"Cindy Daigre provides top-notch care for all of the horses on her farm. I thank God everyday for finding her for my mare, Maggie.  Maggie was 26 when she arrived at Ferrell Hollow Farm and is now 33 and thriving under the care she receives.  I sleep well at night and do not worry about her because I am confident that she is receiving the same as or better care than I could provide myself.  There's a lot of love thrown in by Cindy that makes all the difference!" Karen WilberMaggie Maggie in October 2010 at age 29!


 Nutritional Consulting

 DixieDixie"Dixie is a 20 year old TWH purchased four years ago for our granddaughter.  We were having problems keeping her healthy.  She was suffering from arthritis, bouts of laminitis, plus a severe abscess.

Our long time, trusted veterinarian referred us to Cindy Daigre of Ferrell Hollow Farm. He told us she had studied horse care and nutrition extensively and was especially talented in dealing with the elderly, special needs horses.  Our vet said we could follow Cindy's recommendations with his blessings!

After six months of Cindy's custom herbal blends, dietary changes, and lots of helpful advice, Dixie is kicking up her heels and enjoying life!  Our eight year old granddaughter has been able to enjoy trail rides and long grooming sessions with Dixie.

One of our other horses, Chocolate Chip, a 20 year old gelding, has been overweight all of his life.  By incorporating Cindy's feeding suggestions and the use of her herbal blends, Chip is currently in the best shape of his life!

We have learned so much from Cindy-she is always ready to help with all of our questions, problems and needs.  She truly loves and cares deeply about the horses.  Words can not adequately express the gratitude, respect, admiration and appreciation we have for her." 

John and Colleen Dwyer


"Cindy Daigre at Ferrell Hollow Farm-Senior Horse Retirement does consultations on all natural diet nutrition of horses. She grows most of all the herbs she uses. She helped me transition all of my horses off of processed grain feeds to an all natural forage diet. I use her herbal mixes and then her seed mixes for some. My horses have never looked better and she will work up various options for what will be best for you ease wise as well as financially. You can do it all via email and phone calls. She has had articles published about benefits of herbs in both horses and humans.. She always thinks of the horses first and what is most natural and best for them.. I have found that my expenses for feeding and supplements is not any more than it was before I transitioned. She is very knowledgable on special needs horses ( ie IR , cushings) and senior horses. " Dawn Roberts


Natural Products for People

 "Hi Cindy! 

I just had to write you and tell you how much I am enjoying your hand cream.  As a potter, my hands are constantly drying out.  The good thing about your product is that I can use it before and after I make pottery and my hands are much better and literally no cracking. 

Rosario and I had been suffering with dry cracked heels.  She used your Lavender Balm that you gave us as a gift on her heels every day for two weeks and her heels are completely healed.  It is amazing!   Her heels are now smooth.  I use your Rose Cream on mine and my heels are no longer cracking.

I wanted to thank you for your great products.  I am definitely a return customer."  George Juliano

Read our Letter of Reference written by Ferrell Hollow Farm's barefoot trimmer!

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